Swiss Micro Credential

Bachelor Award in

Sustainable Business Practices

Bachelor Award is equivalent to Bachelor’s level and could transfer 20 credits and full tuition fees to Bachelor’s programs by SIMI and University Partners.

Bachelor Award in Sustainable Business Practices

The aim of this Bachelor Award is to raise learners’ awareness of sustainable development issues and  how they impact on the strategic development of businesses. Learners will be expected to  demonstrate their understanding of sustainability and its effect on business organisations.

Could transfer 20 credits and full tuition fee to the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) of SIMI Swiss and University Partners. 

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Bachelor Award
  • Live Class (Option)
  • Full online videos
  • e-Books
  • Self study contents
  • Online tutor videos
  • Assignment guide
  • e-Certificate
Hard copy certified
  • Hard copy certificate
  • Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning for Qualifications (APEL.Q) certified from University Partners for credit and tuition fee transfer.
  • Accreditation & Recognition certified from University Partners
  • Deliver hard copy certificate and all certified documents to your home.
University Partners
  • Transfer full credits & tuition fees to equivalent academic programs
  • Get more support tuition fees and scholarships when become University Partners' international students
  • In the event that you receive a scholarship or discount, the fee you should transfer is the amount you actually paid

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