Swiss Micro Credential



The following Ethical Code must be followed by all users who participate in the Swiss Micro Credential Programs

General Information

All participants in Content Offerings must accept the following code of conduct. 1. I will register for only one account unless Swiss Micro Credential officially authorizes me to register for other accounts. 2. According to the Swiss Micro Credential Plagiarism Policy, my homework, quizzes, exams, and other assignments shall be my own work (unless for assignments that specifically accept cooperation). 3. I will not share the answers to homework, quizzes, examinations, and other tasks with anyone else (except to the extent an assignment explicitly permits sharing solutions). This includes both my own solutions and any solutions offered by the instructor or other students. 4. I will not engage in any additional actions that dishonestly improve or harm my results or the outcomes of others. Any breach of this code may result in the suspension, disabling, or termination of your access to all or a portion of the Services.
Professional Certified could transfer credits & tuition fees